House your favorite light-seeking plants in this turn-of-the-century-style structure. Its airy, gazebo charm comes from diagonal latticework and a pristine coat of white paint. If you can't locate the unit near a window, Better Homes and Gardens magazine's project series suggests you install fluorescent lighting to keep you greenery healthy and happy. MATERIAL

1-INCH PLYWOOD - 1 1/2 SHEETS, for:

A . . 2, 18x78 in. each

B . . 2, 46x15 in. each

C . . 1, 46x16 in.

D . . 2, 46x9 in. each

SELECT PINE, 1x4 in. - 10 FEET, for:

E . . 7, 16 in. each

VENEER STRIP, 1 1/4 in. - 42 FEET, for:

F . . 4, 78 in. each

G . . 4, 45 1/2 in. each

LATTICE, 1/4X1 1/2 in. - 124 feet, for:

I . . 2, 18 in. each

H . . 120 ft. for trim


1. Cut center openings in plywood ends (A) as shown in the sketch.

2. To assemble bottom of unit, glue and nail sides (B) to bottom piece (C) with butt joints.

3. Secure ends to lower box.

4. Cut top plywood front pieces (D) as shown (or in pattern desired). Glue and nail to uprights.

5. Space 1x4 crosspieces (E) on edge equally between uprights. Glue and nail in place.

6. Cap edges of uprights with veneer strips (F). Trim tops and bottoms of lower box with horizontal veneer strips (G).

7. On sides, nail lattice strips (H) at 45-degree angle to inside of uprights. (Use one piece as a cutting guide for the rest.)

8. To duplicate chevron pattern on front, divident panel equally with a vertical line. Begin apply lattice strips (H) at 45-degree angle from bottom of this line in both directions. Fill corners shorter pieces, and butt center pieces together along line to form V-shape.

9. Nail lattice trim (I) beneath lattice strips.

10. Sand and paint unit.