Your seven-year-old's feet are too big for her practically new hand-me-down ski boots; your 14-year-old smashed his skis on the rocks at the end of last season and will probably do the same this season; you need an extra parka for shoveling snow, and your husband (wife? girlfriend? boyfriend?) is tired of renting skis. How can you outfit everyone and still afford to go skiing?

Sunday, from 11 to 4, the Ski Center on 49th and Massachusetts Avenue N.W. will hold its fourth annual Skier's Flea Market in the parking lot. Owner Adam Kahane says it is not a swap - just people buying and selling used equipment and clothing.

The Ski Patrol will be on hand to collect 10 per cent of each sale, help you make decisions and give advice.

If you are a seller, you don't have to stay all day hoping someone will buy. The Ski Patrol will register your equipment or clothing and let you go on your merry way. You must come back between 4 and 4:30 to pick up your money and your unsold items.

Buyers can ask Ski Center staffers for advice (the store will be open) and have the shop repair or condition new equipment on the spot.

There is always a large selection of children's clothing and equipment - most of it in excellent condition, as children rarely wear out their stuff.

The Ski Patrol will also be selling raffle tickets for various items, a Dixieland band will play from 11 to 2 and Billy Iffert will put on a freestyle skiing demonstration.

No rain date has been set. Last year it rained and people cam anyway. If it's really pouring, call the store, 966-4474.