Men have borrowed a versatile fashion trick from women this fall - wearing a sweater to change the look of clothing as well as for warmth. There's no better way to give suits a "dressing down" than by replacing the matching vest with a sweater, patterned or plain.

Says Charles Duncan of the Democratic National Committee, who owns only three-piece suits. "It's not only for looks that I wear sweaters; they are simply warmer than vests."

John Robertson, right, a contractor, finds wearing a turtleneck more comfortable than a shirt and tie and equally appropriate for business.

Shirts and ties are required at work for Irvin Hollins, center left, assistant sales engineer for Westinghouse. But often he'll wear a sweater in place of a jacket. "It is more comfortable." Adds Robert Meeks, center right , who is also as assistant sales engineer at Westinghouse. "Wearing a sweater in place of a vest is a way of stretching the wardrobe."

Says one sweater-wearer. "I really have a hard time finding button front sweaters in the stores. Don't buyers realized men are paying more attention to their hair now and don't want to pull sweaters over their head for that reason."