There you sit in the greehouse lean-to of your A-frame cottage, par-boiling in your hot tub, heated by solar energy, while in the nest room your wood stove is warming the air around your loft bed.

That's the fall fantasy being pushed by the Leisure Living Show at the D.C. Armory through Sunday.

The show has all the fascination of a mail-order catalog that talks. In many cases you can talk to someone who actually knows something about the whirl-a-bath, or the stove, and who, if pressed, might even give you a price.

If you've never thought of yourself as the chicken in the pot, the great number of hot tubs and Jacuzzi whirl-pool baths may come as a surprise. But this particular form of indulgence has been steadily moving across country from California.

The two two predominant types seem to be the California Cooperage Redwood Hot Tubs, daughter to the wine vat pools which once were such a sensation, and the less rustic, more sophisticated Jacuzzi whirlpool baths suitable for sinking into your bath floor in red, yellow or whatever. Prices are in the neighborhood of $2,000 and up.

Probably the most useful booths in the show are those of the small custom shops that you might never know about otherwise. The custom cabinet-makers (those wonderful people who falsely have been alleged to be extinct) are there in force with examples of their handiwork.

Peter Danko, the designer and manufacturer, was there himself on opening day, showing off his remarkable folding dining table, among other works. The Loft Bed Store had a marvelous double decker - the top is a bed, the bottom is a bookcase cum desk ($550). Gibraltar Rocker is showing its folding hickory and canvas lounge chair, in a single or two-seater version, if you want to rest your back. And Jim and Laura Chandler are showing custom screens and room dividers.

Just to show they can do it, the exhibit has a full-size swimming pool, pre-fabricated cottage, greenhouse and several whirl baths installed and working.

Much smaller, but perhaps just as useful are the products of the Blaine Window Hardware shop where they stock all types of window works. The Tile Gallery and Ademas Tiles not only are displaying their wares but even are prepared to give ballpark installation prices.