Jimmy Carter wrote the foreword, his son Jeff and daughter-in-law Annette took the photographs, Amy Carter conducts the pictorial "tour," and the wives of two presidential aides wrote the text.

It's all part of a new 13-page color booklet titled "The White House" which came off the presses this week at a cost of $20,000 for an initial printing of 200,000 copies.

And it is the Carter administration's official reply to the 3,000 to 4,000 inquiries each week by elementary-age schoolchildren seeking information about the President, his family and the house where they live.

Among the booklet's 17 color photographs are one of President Carter holding his 10-year-old daughter, Amy, in his lap at his desk in the Oval Office. Another shows Amy, wearing a long white dress, standing on the grand staircase in the White House Entrance Hall.

There is a capsulized history of the mansion and a section devoted to questions most frequently asked by schoolchildren. (Example: "Does President Carter have a favorite room?" Answer: Yes, the Treaty Room on the second floor. . .")

There are also brief biographies of the Carters and of Vice President and Mrs. Walter Mondale.

Two former schoolteachers, Nancy Moore, wife of presidential assistant Frank B. Moore, and Nan Powell, wife of White House Press Secretary Jody Powell, co-authored the booklet at Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter's request.

Source material was drawn from the White House Historical Soceity, the White House curator's office, and similar publications from the Kennedy, Johnson and Ford administrations.