Titillate a tot with one of these happy-to-hold dolls that you make from colorful bits of leftover fabric. According to Better Homes and Gardens' project series, you can stitch them by hand or on the machine and make Hansel and Gretel step right out of a fairy tale to delight either a boy or a girl. MATERIALS


2 yards pink cotton flannel

3 bags foam stuffing

3 skeins heavy yarn or rug yarn

White glue


1 yard 36-inch-wide white cotton

1 piece 12 x 24-inch black felt

1 pair child's socks

2 1/2-inch buttons

1 yard 3/4-inch trim


1 yard 36-inch-wide cotton print

3/4 yard 36-inch-wide white cotton

3 yards lace or 2-yard eyelet

1 piece 6 x 14-inch black felt

2 1/2-inche buttons

3 3/4-inch buttons

114-inch piece 1/4-inch elastic DIRECTIONS


Cut body pieces from fleece or flannel. Stitch darts. Stitch center fronts of heads together. Stitch head back to body at neck, leaving slash open for stuffing. Stitch front to back, leaving openings at nothches to insert arms and feet. Stitch together arms and feet; stuff. Turn body, insert arms and feet into openings, hand stitiching securely. Stuff and slipstitich opening.

Hair for Hansel is long pieces of yarn glued in rows from front to back. Glue two long pieces around to form outline. For Gretel's hair, cut 2 skeins into 36-inch pieces. Glue six pieces on each side of center scalp to neckline. Make braids; tie with yam.


Cut two 1 x 4-inch suspender straps, one 1 x 4-inch crossbar from felt; add trim. Make two 4 x 4-inch cuffs for sleeves. Make patterns; cut out clothes according to drawing. Assemble shirt and lining separately; stitch together. Stitch pants together, attach suspenders. Stitch the shoe pieces together, attaching strap so button will be to outside.


Stitch dress together; attach lace at neck. Sew on buttons; hem. Stitch pantaloons, adding elastic to waist and lace to leg edges. Make apron; attach lace. Make shoes the same ways as Hansel's