Reprinted from Better Homes and Garden.

This versatile shelving unit from Better Homes and Gardens' project series opens many practical and unique possibilities for your bathroom. Depending on what you stock the shelves with, you can turn the room into anything from a mini-library to a supplemental linen closet. Here it's shown in a compartmented bathroom, but you can adapt it to any situation. Even if you have room for only the center section, it will still give you a lot of extra space. Just reduce the length of the top piece and make sure the verticals are securely fastened both to it and to the walls. DIRECTIONS

Cut the top piece from 1-inch plywood to the length you've established. Here, the top and other components are all 12 inches deep. Nail the top to the ceiling.

Cut the four verticals to fit between the floor and top. Attach adjustable shelf strips to the uprights and nail the left and right uprights to the adjoining walls.

Install the remaining two verticals by toe-nailing them to the top piece and joining the bottoms to the back wall with angle irons.

Cut the 12-inch-deep shelves to the proper width, install clips on the self strips, and simply lay each shelf in place.

Use wood putty or tape to finish all plywood edges. MATERIALS

To duplicate the unit here, you'll need 2 1/2 sheets of [WORD ILLEGIBLE] -inch plywood, eight 8-foot shelf strips, four 5-foot shelf strips and clips. If you prefer to use 1-inch lumber instead of plywood, this unit would require four 8-foot 1x12 pieces, one 4-foot piece and about 30 feet to be cut into 18 1-foot pieces and six 2-foot pieces. In this case, the last step is unnecessary.