The University of D.C. Theater has a well-directed production of Ted Shine's drama, "Morning Noon and Night."

The story of a 12-year-old's eventful day 30-odd years ago in a small Texas town centers on the religious influences of that particular time and place. An orphan, he is being raised by his mother's sister. His father's mother Gussie, who arrived some months earlier to help nurse his mother, will not leave and wants the boy to share her religious passions.

Ben is touching for the truth in Shine's writing. Caught between the few humors of childhood and a basic intelligence, Ben is well acted by 12-year-old Anthony Reynolds, and director Robert Edward West has guided him well in the role's shadings.

There are two casts, the blue and the green, with Brian Keith Lee as the lad in alternate performances. Floradell Crawford, the "blue cast's" Gussie, makes a compelling figure of a woman understanably added by her bitter life, and Karen Morgan brings sympathy to the exhausted aunt. In both casts, the Casablanca Club D.J."Ms. Bird" is the sensuous evangelist.

Performances at the theater, opposite the Martin Luther King Library, continue through Sunday and again next Thursday-Sunday.