It should come as no surprise to parents that area toy stores report their big sellers are space-related or electronic. Mego's Micronauts and Mattel's Shogun Warriors sales are cosmic. Anything Star Wars is snapped up - and there's not much on the market yet except Kenner's force beam, Star Wars game and early-bird certificate.

Mattel's electronic football, Milton Bradley's battleship game - now battery-powered - and Mattel Electronics auto race are big hits with splurgers. Popular, less expensive games are Blip by Tomy and two not needing batteries: Parker Brothers' Boggle and Tomy's Mr. Mouth.

For the pre-school set, Mattel's Baby Come Back is a comer, as is Fischer-Price's medical kit.

The chart at the right compares prices as of last weekend for staples of the toy market as well as this year's leaders. Toy departments generally expected to replenish any popular items now in low supply.

This chart also should not surprise parents. Apparently, it's still worth that annual trek to Toys "R" Us, if you can stand the supermarket free-for-all atmosphere.Giant department store is a worthy competitor, but doesn't have as many different items. Often, small toy stores offer great variety, are quiet and unhurried, but you pay a little more for the convenience.