There are 148 contributions to Childrens Hospital in today's mail. They give us our best dollar tally to date.

Bidders in the Foxhall Bridge Group decided to put a penny in the kitty each time they went down a trick, and they went down 625 times. The Security Office at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center chipped in $7.

Ladies Auxiliary No. 58 of the Jewish War Veterans sent me $25 for the children. "Executive wives in the General Accounting Office" added another $30 to their previous gift.

The College Park Volunteer Fire Department raised $40 for the hospital at its Christmas dinner, and I find this contribution particularly welcome. Most volunteer rescue squads and fire departments have trouble raising enough money for their own needs, and deserve more community support than they get.

Employees of the Social Security Administration sent me $50 in memory of a colleague who died recently. Allstate agents in the Fairfax sales office came through with $60 for the children. Brownie Troos 2510 and 1159 helped the Fairfax Nursing Center put on a carnival that raised $65. Members of the Thursday Ladies Day Bowling League in Alexandria voted not to exchange Christmas gifts among themselves so that $68 could be diverted to a more useful purpose.

The Office of Program Management in Labor's Unemployment Insurance Service got up a kitty of $111. (Note: I counted it three times, donors, and it was $1 more than you thought.) Past and present supervisors of plate printers in the Bureau of Engraving and Printing again did without a card exchange and raised $115.

Each year, members of the Board of Directors of the Officers' Service Club man (person?) the bars and wait on tables so that employees can have a day off to enjoy the board's party for Children's Hospital. This year's party raised $131. For the 12th consecutive year, employees of the Flight Standards Service of the Federal Aviation Administration exchanged no in-house Christmas cards, and this year their plan diverted $145.50 to the children.

The Analysis Department of NASA's Scientific and Technical Information Facility at Linthicum, Md., held a book sale and bazaar that netted $200. No holiday card exchange among employees of the Labor Department's Division of Labor-Management Laws produced a whopping $333.

Easily the biggest boost of the day for the children came from their steadfast friends at the Interstate Commerce Commission, who this year declined to exchange $637.50 worth of greeting cards among themselves.

Gifts from these 16 groups came to $2,023.75, and 132 individuals added $4,434.85 to bring today's total to achieved only because one man sent in $1,000 in memory of his wife, as he has each year since he lost her five years ago. The $23,547.49 with which we began the day brings our running total to $30,006.09.