From "The Young-In-Heart Group of the Congress Heights United Methodist Church" comes $10 to add to our collections for Children's Hospital. The gift from the Membership Records Section (Fifth Floor) of the National Association of Retired Federal Employees was $40. The Federal Aviation Administration's AAFS-832 at National Airport chipped in $59.

It was suggested to the children who attend the Damascus Dance Center that instead of buying their teachers Christmas gifts it would be more useful to help Children's Hospital. The children-to-children switch netted $78.25.

"The staff and doctors at rheumatology suite P-14, 8218 Wisconsin Ave.," got up a kitty of $85 for the hospital.

"The One Parent Family Association, Inc., of the Washington metropolitan Area" moved us into three-digit territory with an even $100.

"The Second Floor Coffee Fund" at the National Society of Professional Engineers contributed its entire surplus of $144.87. (You folks at the White House and on Capitol Hill can look up the word "surplus" in a dictionary if you're unfamiliar with it.)

The National Junior Honor Society at General Smallwood Middle School (Indian Head, Md.) hit upon a productive technique for learning about the metric system. The students decided to collect "a kilometer of pennies" for Children's Hospital, and the check they produced came to $191.50.

No holiday cards were exchangeed among staffers in the Air Force Audit Agency at Andrews AFB. With only 25 people involved, a surprising $265 came rolling in. Another group of auditors, the Audit Division of the International Revenue Service, weighed in with $350 from their coffee fund.

The biggest boost of the day for the hospital came from staff members of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academy of Sciences, where for the 11th consecutive year no in-house holiday cards were exchanged. The board's contribution to our shoebox this year is $557.50 (and its parent organization will match that sum with a direct gift to the hospital).

If my count is correct, these 11 groups have contributed $1,881.12, and 52 individual givers (never identified here) have added $1,322 to bring today's total to $3,203.12. Having begun the day with $37,140.67 in our shoebox, we can now move our running tally to $40,343.79.