It's Byrenic, all those full, loose shirts that take on the look of a poet's blouse when worn with pants or skirts. Many of the styles start with simple shirt shaping, then add a dash of ruffle or lace to underscore their softness in contrast to the man-tailored shirts of the last few seasons.

These tops look freshest over a skirt or pants, but also can be worn tucked in. They're newer looking, too, if worn unbelted, but a sash is another option.

Some examples pictured here, clockwise from top left:

Luxurious big silk shirt in pale mauve by Cygne is from aAnn Taylor ($82).

Ruffle-edged yoke mock shirt is in flower-printed rayon, at Neiman- Marcus ($76).

Big overblouse in big sizes (38-52) is cream-coloured polyester from Lane Bryant ($22).

Oscar de la Renta's pierrot blouse with lace trim in off-white gauzy polyester, Saks Fifth Avenue ($40).

Red jacquard silk tunic blouse by Joan Silbey has a long tie at the neck, elasticized waistline, from Saks/Jandel ($300).

Helene Sidel does the poet's shirt in off-white polyester with loose ties meant to be worn untied. From Garfinckel's ($68).

Pale raspberry-colored blouse with full, elbow-length sleeves from P. J. Walsh at Saks Fifth Avenue ($52)