The year 1977 wasn't the best of times or the worst of times. But as we look back, it could have been a lot different if, for example:

President Sadat told Prime Minister Begin he would like to come to Jerusalem, and Begin had replied, "I'm sorry, but I have to play golf this weekend."

Ronald Reagon had told the Young Republicans, "We don't need the Panama Canal and we don't have rights to it. I say, give it back to the Panamanians we've exploited for so many years."

Billy Carter had told an agent in Nashville, "It would be undignified for me to exploit my relationship to the President of the United States."

Jackie Onassis had told her lawyers, "I don't need or want $20 million from the Onassis estate. I'm doing just fine on the $200 a week I get paid from Viking Press."

The engineer at Consolidated Edison had said to himself, "My god, we're getting overloaded. Maybe I better pull a switch or New York will be blacked out."

Jimmy Carter had told Ham Jordan, "I know Barbara Walters' party for Israeli Ambassador Dinitz and Egyptian Ambassador Ghorbal is important, but I wish you'd stay here tonight and help me finish off this bottle of scotch."

Bert Lance had said to his wife, "I don't care what your checking account looks like, I will not permit overdrafts. What kind of a bank do you think I'm running?"

HEW Secretary Joseph Califano had told his aides, "I won't need a personal chef. I'm on a diet."

David Frost had said to Richard Nixon, "I could do the interviews and we'd make over a million dollars on it - but it would be wrong."

The head of 20th Century Fox had said. "'Star Wars' as a movie doesn't make any sense, and it would be a mistake for us to release it."

Steve Cauthen's mother had said to him, "What do you mean you want to be a jockey? You're going to go to school and learn a trade."

Billy Martin had said to Reggie Jackson, "I'd rather not use you in the World Series. I need some heavy hitters."

Margaret Trudeau had said to Pierere, "The Rolling Stones have invited me to join them in New York, but I'd rather stay here and watch you answer questions in Parliament."

Anita Bryant had told her husband, "I don't care what people do with their sex lives as long as they drink Florida orange juice."

Larry Flynt had said to Ruth Carter Stapleton, the President's evangelical sister, "Are you out of your mind?"

A General Motors lawyer had told the head of the Oldsmobile and Buick divisions, "You can't put a Chevrolet motor in your cars. Somebody is bound to find out about it."

Cornelia had said to her husband, Gov. Wallace, "I found out you tapped my telephone line, opened my mail and had me followed. Don't you think we ought to see a marriage counselor?"

Jody Powell had told a tipster, "I don't care whose private plane Sen. Percy flew in, I'm not going to make one more telephone call tonight."

And finally, Tongsun Park had said to a congressman - any congressman; "I'm sorry. I already gave at the office."