"Restaurant News, The Newspaper of the Fast Food Industry," carries news not just about food, but about sex, politics, art and religion. Take the story in a recent issue about Lorenzo Amato, owner of Oma's Pizza in Glenn Falls, N.Y.

Amato, a native of Palermo, Sicily, bought a copy of Michelangelo's David, which as you remember from your Introduction to Art classes in high school is totally nude. He also bought three statues that Restaurant News identified only as "semi-nude women," and two reclining lions - and put them all up around a fountain topped with something that looks like a Shinto temple gate to mark the ey-catching entrance to his pizza parlor.

Townspeople complained that the David - though apparently not the women - was obscene; and the chief of police of Glen Falls "urged" Amato to remove the statue. Amato refused. Locals began boycotting his pizza. Newpapers picked up the story, however, nad business more than doubled because, said Amato, " We have tourists from all over stopping by to take pictures and throw coins in the fountain."

When the tourist season ended, however, Amato got worried. To satisfy his own conscience, and to stop all criticism from religious patrons, he had all the statues - even the lions - blessed by a priest from the local church.

Amato is, according to Restaurant News, "extremely religious as well as an art lover," and the whole controversy apparently began when people protested his original plan for the entrance - which was to put up a statue of the Virgin Ma ry.