Some people always think snow. And they're not skiers, they're sledders. Everytime the sky turns slightly gray, the in house cloudwatcher hopefully props the old Flesible Flyer by the front door. Snow is a rare occurrence hereabouts, but abrupt weather change is now. Just as you give up, the flakes fall.

Besides sledding on the little hill up your street, which you already know about, area recreation and parks departments have recommended sledding sites, many supervised.

Neighboord civic associations get into the act, too, when it snows. In the best example, once civic association has approval to close down the hill between the 1400 and 1500 blocks of Newton Street NE, and recreation department personnel go there to supervise sledding.

Other, like some residents of Poplar Drive in Falls Church, understandably prefer their street sanded, not barricaded. The Falls Church public works department says snowtime brings vandalism to this three-block hill, and not just kids go there. Sledders have been seen still out at 3 a.m. in a mob that wouldn't let the sanding trucks do their job if they tried.

If it really does snow, and you want to know what streets are blocked off for sledding, call the public works department for your jurisdiction, or the police.

Here are sledding sites recommended by recreation and parks department, along with a sampling of scheduled street closings.