Sheila Weidenfeld, television producer, 5 feet 2: "I love the song Short People. I think it unites short people and gives them status -- as it were. As a result of the song I feel taller."

Barry Jagoda, the President's TV adviser, 5 feet 6: "The price of being short has been very small for me. And then only in terms of money. In order to reach the top shelves in my kitchen I was forced to buy a stepladder."

Midge Costanza, special assistant to the President, 5 feet: "The only thing about being short is that it makes you the world's best authority on belt buckles."

Rick Bragnalo, the shortest player on the Washington Capitols hockey team, 5 feet 9": "Well, my wie is shorter than I am, so I'm all right there. But on the other hand, sometimes the benches in the dressing rooms are a little high for m e. Yeah, sometimes I do wish I were a little taller because then I'd have a little more equipment to fight with, but in the final analysis, I'm really a lover not a fighter anyway."

Peter Malatesta, owner of Peter's Alexandria, Va., 5 feet 7: "I enjoy being short because there's so much more to look up to, especially with a pretty lady. I mean, that line about let me rest my head on your shoulder?. . . Well, listen. . ."

Sterling Tucker, chairman of the D. C. City Council, 5 feet 6: "I never think about being short. I've had enough achievement in my life that my height doesn't play a role in how I think about myself. My height has never had anything to do with whether I got or lost a job, won or lost an election or hampered me in leading the Council. Now, maybe if I had been ordained to be a great lover it might have mattered. They do tell me that tall men have more fun. But I'm doing all right."

Paul Callaway, organist for The National Cathedral, 5 feet 5: "I once played with Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra. Now although Ormandy is short -- and very sensitive about it -- I am about one inch shorter than he is. Anyway, when I walked in to meet him, he took one look at me and said, "You know, I think you and I are going to get along all right."