SO YOU think it's over.

No more frozen toes, icy bones and noses that go drip in the night. No more mittens and mufflers, furs and forecasts of probable precipitation.

But if this year is anything like last, the worst is yet to come.Just because those spring dresses stare out smugly from store windows, and all the blankets and parkas are on sale, doesn't mean it's the end. In fact, the winter of '78 is only now under way.

Electric socks may be one way to beat the sleet, although they tend to short-circuit the wearer's mobility. Not to mention the wash-and wear problem. So to answer the ice-age old question, "Is it cold enough for you?" we offer 10 Ways To Keep Warm This Winter:

Take a sleeping bag and cut four holes. Slip legs and arms into bag and wear, preferably with the zipper in the back, Or, bundle over to the Hect. Co. and pick up The Snug Sack. Made by Heritage, the customed-tailored comforter for the body sells for $30 and is designed to provide the warmth of a sleeping bag without having to bed down for the evening. The store is also carrying The Bed Shawl, a combination throw/comforter/spread handmade in Ireland and retailing for $75 to $135, depending on the size

Get into Goose Down. As Doug McVicker, local manager of Eddie Bauer's, says, "I use a goose down comforter myself; open the window and set the thermostat to 60 degrees. Lord, that's plenty warm. And combined with bundling, it's dynamite!" Eddie Bauer's has comforter ($140 to $250), booties $22.50) and ski mitts ($27.50) all made from soft, genuine goose down. Most stores are now reducing the price on goose down items during midwinter sales. If you're allergic to feathers (Gesundheit ), try the synthetic down. It's almost as warm and washes better anyway.

Facelift the old comforter with a Comforter cover from Garfinckel's. Navy, terra cotta and chocolate colored cotton ($36 to $50) or white ecru lace ($50 to $75) with matching sharms. Garfinckel's is also carryingg 100 per cent wool Throws handwoven by Three Weavers Inc. in 24 designer colors. They retail for $54 and are just the right size (54 x 72) for snuggling up by the fire with a good book. Why not The Cold Weather Cata log - Learning to Love Winter (Doubleday $7.95) for tips on bundling, flu and frostbite remedies, ice fishing, snow scupting and heartwarning winter recipes. It's everythig you always wanted to know about winter, but were too cold to ask.

Long underware will keep you toasty-warm even on the chilliest day and some of the styles are so good looking, you might be tempted to wear thern over instead under. The Ski Chalet in Arlington sells soft Angora long underwear by Medima for men and women. Tops and bottoms, sold separately, come in navy blue and while and sell for $26 to $35.

For sledding or sleigh rides, take along the Stack Thermos with three separates stainless steel insulated jars on a rack. Hot cocoa for the toddlers and hot-toddy's for the grown-ups should keep everyone warm and happy. Made by Camel, it sells for $50 at The Epicure Shop (Neiman-Marcus). Camel's Thermal Pichers come in three sizes. The vacuum jug with glass insulation keeps hot milk by the bedside or hot coffee at the office. From $22.50 to $30, the pitchers are also available at Neiman-Marcus.

Get all steamed up with Instant Spa, a new shower accessory that hooks onto any existing fixture to turn an ordinary bathroom into a warm, misty steambath. Coming soon to area stores (including Camalier & Buckley)), the spa will retail for $50.

Move to Hawaii.

If you can't afford an island-escape, put on a short-sleeved shirt and a pair off shades and head for the Botanic Gardens. The giangreen house in open from 9 to 5 everday and the minimum temperature is 72 degrees, often much warmer. Take off your coat, talk to the succulents and listeen to the gurgling streams. It might as well be spring.