Q - I love my instant prints but I envy my friends who take conventional pictures and can make enlargements or have slides. Can I have enlargements and slides made from my instant prints?

A - Yes. For about the same price as enlargements from negatives or slides, Polaroid will make a color print or slide from your instant print. You can do this through the dealer who sold you the film or directly with Polaroid. Either way, wallet size if 49 cents a print, 11x14 is $9.95 and 35mm slides on Ektachrome are 69 cents each. Polaroid Copy Service: Box 311, Cambridge, Mass. 02139; and Box 911, El Segundo, Calif. 90245.

A "gallery" enlargement, at higher cost, is laminated on quarter-inch Plexiglass with a stand and a hanger attached. These enlargements are comparable in quality and sharpness to those made from negatives or slides.

Q - You're always talking about 35mm as though it were the only format; what about the rest of us?

A - I guess my prejudices must be showing. Actually I try to talk about pictures, not cameras or formats, but most readers ask questions about their 35s and the will of the majority does show.

Most photographers find that the 35 is their first serious step in photography. They have just left the "point and shoot" school and graduated to "selective focus," opening a whole new world. Many stop at 35, especially if they go for photojournalism or travel, because the options are endless and you don't need an elephant to lug your gear.

If you're a step below 35, then I suggest you step up; if you're above, then don't kick out that 35 rung, it's a handy place to step back at times.