Daydream a moment and try to remember the most romantic present you ever gave or received.

If you mind is registering zero on the romance scale, reflect on these gifts that several imaginative Washingtonians presented to someone they cared for.

As one lady sat down to eat at an elegant French restaurant, she and her companion heard a nearby diner say, "That's a foxy lady." The companion, who happened to be a furrier, took the comment to heart. The next day, he sent the lady a red fox coat.

A husbane who had met his wife in the advertising agency where they both worked remembered first seeing her name on an office memo. Five married years later he went back to the agency, found the memo and presented the original to his wife as a Valentine.

A woman had a slight misunderstanding with her long-time male friend. Wanting to patch up the quarrel, she asked her cousin, a doctor, to send her a copy of her recent chest X-ray. Then she marked in white ink, ". . . just to show you my heart's in the right place," and sent the X-ray copy off to her friend. It worked.

By far the best gift is one that involves your own creative imagination. But if words and thoughts fail you, don't resort to a cliche box of chocolate candy - try these possibilities instead.