Knowing of my interest in youth camp safety, James T. Hammett of Arlington writes: "Delegate Warren G. Stambaugh, with co-patrons Mary A. Marshall, James F. Almand and Elise B. Heinz, members of the Arlington delegation to the General Assembly in Richmond, has introduced House Joint Resolution No. 85.

"This resolution requests the House Committee on Health, Welfare and Institutions and the Senate Committee on Rehabilitation and Social Services to study the need for the licensure of summer camps in the Commonwealth of Virginia. HJR 85 was offered on Feb. 1, 1978, and has been referred to the House Committee. Anyone interested in this subject should without delay contact Delegate Stambaugh or one of the other delegates in Richmond."

I pass this information along as a public service, although I'm not sure I have much enthusiasm for another move to "study" the question of whether youth camps should be required to meet safety standards.

In Maryland, the legislature is being asked to approve a study of the need for a law requiring truckers to cover loose loads with a tarp, to prevent flying debris from damaging following vehicles.

Why do we need another "study" bill after last year's fiasco on this measure? "Because our survey shows we don't have the votes to pass the loose load bill," one legislator told me, "so this will at least keep the issue alive."

Bah, humbug! I'd rather meet an issue head on, even if I'm likely to be beaten, and at least establish who the guys in the black hats are.

When I walk into a voting booth, I like to have in my mind a clear picture of who the enemy is.