Reprinted from yesterday's late editions.

All the cowboy hats in the world couldn't compensate for the relatively inept Belle Star Band that Casse Culver brought with her to the stage of the Childe Harold Wednesday night.

In truth, Culver was hurt by her own poor harmonica playing and more by her simple refusal to move forward on the stage and asset the natural prominence of her stage persona!ity.

None of this would have mattered except that Culver possesses a clear, beautiful voice that moves effortlessly through her own blend of country, folk and blues.

Culver and her two-woman band have been making some local waves with their working of a feminist perspective into basic country-western stylings. Culver did a fine job on Randy Newman's "Riders on the Range" and her won "Hairdresser Blues." Again, however, the band could not illuminate the nuances of her moving vocal stylings.

One of the more interesting aspects of the show was the inclusion of an interpreter for the deaf who translated Culver's lyrics and along with the musical vibrations, helped provide a unique experience for the deaf individuals who attended the show.

Also interesting, but perhaps silly, was Culver's request that the audience not smoke. Eventually, Culvier is going to have to decide what's really important to her musical future. Right now, most important will be her own determination to select musicians, male or female, who complement her sizable vocal talents.