Remember that phone list we gave you last week? Well, we're still combing the bugs out of it (heh, heh) and here's what we have to report so far.

Appalachian Outfitters finally put a recording on their regular line, telling people to call their recording number (281-5396) for the recording. The number in our list reaches only people, who got tired of being hung up on by people who wanted to reach a recording.

And a woman whose number is very like the Smithsonian's Dial-a-Museum number (737-8811) became less amused with every call and eventually enlisted Legal Aid, which contacted C&P, which called the Smithsonian, which phoned us, which the woman had already done herself.

And the GOP House cloakroom changed its number (to 225-7430) without telling us; Montgomery County eliminated one of the two recreation phone numbers we gave, but 468-4022 still works.

And some of the numbers are what you might call only intermittently useful: D.C. school closings, for example, aren't announced except when there's snow or some other calamity after office hours; and FCC releases -- primarily a service for the trade press -- have no recordings when there are no releases.

And, hardest of all to believe, the Democratic National Committee often has nothing to say about anything, so its number sometimes won't answer.