Anatoly Karpov and Victor Korchnoi will begin their match for the world chess championship in July in Baguio City. Philippines, the International Chess Federation (FIDE) announced yesterday in Amsterdam.

The exact date for the beginning of the match will be announced later, but FIDE president (and former world champion) Max Euwe said it would be around July 15.

Euwe said he had chosen the Philippine location after considering the preference of the players, both of whom had named it as their second choice.

Korchnoi's first choice was Graz, Austria: Karpov's (despite reports from Yugoslavia that he agreed on the Austrian site) named Hamburg, West Germany, as his first choice.

There will be no limit on the number of games in the match: Draws will not be counted, and the first player to win six games will be declared champion.

These rules, and the time and place of the match, may be factors slightly favorable to Korchnoi. The disallowing of draws seems more suited to his enterprising style than to the relatively cautious game favored by Karpov, who draws frequently. The requirement of six victories may mean a very long match; in their last encounter, late in 1974, Karpov was able to win only three games (while Korchnoi was winning two) in a total of 24.

The combination of July and the Philippines also has unhappy associations for Karpov. Since becoming champion three years ago, he has lost only five games, three in the month of July. One of his most disastrous losses was suffered in July 1975, in Manila, to Philippine grandmaster Eugenio Torre.

The simultaneous exhibition by Brazilian chess champion Jaime Sunye Neto, scheduled for last night at the Interamerican Development Bank, has been postponed until Monday at 6:45 p.m. at the same location.