The singer-songwriter cult is alive and well in Warren Zevon.

Zevon, who ended a two-night, Cellar Door visit last night, has in the past few months been thrown into a spotlight that he does not yet deserve. Kudos in Time, Playboy, The Village Voice and dozens of the major publications have saddled Zevon with a reputation for tough, violently electic Iyricism.

Linda Ronstadt's watered down reading of his "Poor, Poor pitiful Me" has thrust further attention on the writer. Zevon the writer is promising, but there is not yet enough bulk to his work to venture a guess as to his staying power. The Iyric emphasis on violence - both psychic and physical - gives some songs an urgency that is rare in popular music.

But the punch has not yet been translated from two well produced Asylum albums to the stage. As in the case of Randy Newman, with whom Zevon shares caustic powers of observation, the music itself too often plods deliberately and without confidence or insistence.

One hopes Zevon's fans (including the critics) will ease off in their expectations. He is a developing artist with a promising future. He should be allowed room for his mistakes and time to develop the confidence that will elevate him from a minor to major artist.

Comedian Richard Belger is hilarious,which is proper for a comedian.