Follow the riders across Virginia's country-side in your stationwagon, then sit down to a Lucullan three-course 'tailgate' lunch that satisfies the eye, the palate and the stomach. Except for the final touches that take but a few moments of you time, all the dishes are prepared a day in advance and stored in individual containers that double as serving dishes. Reusable plastic containers with tight-fitting lids are available in all manner of shapes and sizes at supermarkets, drug, dime and department stores,some for well under a dollar. Three dollars and up will get you heavy-gauge containers with colorful lids. The two to three-cup size will hold an individual portion with enough space to allow for decoration. JELLIED PIG'SFEET.

Cover four scalded pig's feet and two pieces of veal shank (or one veal foot) with three quarts of water. Simmer and skim. When the broth boils clear add bouquet garni, one parsnip, one carrot, one leek, a wedge of cabbage, five each whole pepper and allspice and one clove of garlic (optional). Continue to simmer for a total of four hours. Reserve the meat, carrots, celery and leek. Strain the broth and cool to set the fat. Remove all the fat. Clarify the broth with one egg white, strain, add the juice of one lemon and two bouillon cubes, and reduce to five cups. Dice the meat, celery and leek, slice the carrots and divide among the individual dishes. Cover with broth and let set completely,springkle the top with chopped hard-boiled egg-yolk and a judicious s prinkling of chopped dill weed.Before packing in the morning, push the stem of a spring of parsley into the jelly and garnish with a wedge of lemon. Provide a choice of chopped shallots, grated horseradish, olive oil and coarsely ground pepper. SALAD A LA COMTESSE.

Boil one pound of potatoes in their jackets, cool, peel and dice. Mix in one finely diced cooked tiny beet and a few frops of the beet juice to color the potatoes pink. Carefully mix in half a cup each of cooked sweet peas,mixed beans,diced carrots and diced asparagus. Dice and add one small apple, five pickled mushrooms, four button mushroom caps, four large cooked shrimp, one small kosher dill, two cookedartichoke hearts and a third of a cup of herring fillets in sour cream. Gently mix in six cooked pearl onions, two slices of red onion divided into rings, four ounces of sliced pepperoni, six capers and salt and pepper to taste. Store in the refrigerator. Add slowly, with constant stiring, three or four tablespoons of lemon juice to three cups of the best mayonnaise, until it is pleasantly tart and the 'oily' taste had disappeared. Store in the refrigerator. In the morning stir half of the prepared mayonnaise into the salad. Divide into individual dishes and cover smoothly with remaining mayonnaise. Spinkle the top lightly with chopped dillweed, place a slice of hard-boiled egg in the center and surround it with a horseshoe "drawn" with black or red caviar. Chill. TIPSY TRIFLE.

Break up an 8' layer of stale sponge cake and sprinkle it with a mixture of half a cup of cream sherry and one ounce of rum. Arrange in layers in individual cups, covering each layer with a third or half a cup of raspberry jam.Prepare a custard sauce using one envelope of Bird's English Dessert Mix, following the directions on the package.

When the sauce is almost cold, stir well and pour it over the cake. Chill. Bring a can of whipped cream to the picnic, and use it to top the trifle just before serving.

Breadsticks and a bottle of Nemes Kadar, or of the lighter dry SI(szaraz)SN Tokay Szamorodni,will complement the meal to perfection. The amounts given will feed four to six people, but all the recipes can be scaled up for a crowd. To keep your memories pleasant, do refrigerate all the food until almost the departure time, and carry itin a cooler chest.