If you're just bleeping to glimpse an android or tune in to science-fiction writers expounding on brave new worlds or just plain feel like snapping your fingers to the space boogie, you may want to touch down at BALTICON 12 this weekend. That's the 12th annual Baltimore Science Fiction Society's convection for sci-fi and fantay buffs.

The convention blasts off Friday evening at the Hunt Valley Inn near Baltimore with a 5 o'clock slide lecture by astronomer Richard Berendze, provost of American University on the possibilities of extraterrestrial life. Baltimorescience-fiction writer Jack Chalker is scheduled to read from one of his works at 7.

Friday and Saturday nights at 9 elegant aliens are invited to don rhinestone antennae, space clogs and best-dress Wookie pelts for a costume-dance party. Bashful earthlings, however, many remain merely mortal, eschew galactic garb and still frolic until dawn. Tired monster mashers can relax with old film clips in the sci-fi screening room.

Satueday morning at 10, convention-goers can watch makeup artist Jules Bell turn man into mutant (a dab of putty here, a sprinkle of staf dust there) and learn how to create believable movie special effects from producers of "The Alien Factor," a coming sci-gf

The afternoon offers a variety of lectures by writers Katherine Maclean ("The Future of Rape and pillage") and C.J.Cherryh("World Building for Fun and Profit"), as well as a panel discussion ("Alien Life Forms - I Never Met a Dragon I Didn't Like"). Established sci-fi authors will hold forth for Azimovs questing for the publishing stars. Trivia experts can complete in a sci-fi olympics of sorts (noon to 5) or take a breather at the continuning art show.

On Sunday, parents can wheel their children to an actor posing as Darth Vadar or met the Easter bunn"

The $7 ticket (half-price for children 6 to 12; under six get in free) buys a three-day orbit that uncludes more than 20 hours of films (classic episodes from Rod Serling's "Twilight Zone" and amateur sci-fi movies), a chance to wrestle an electronic brain in a Space Wars computer duel and a browse for integalactic sovenirs.