Reprinted from yesterday's late editions.

The latest pop/rock teen Idol (with a capital I) caused heartthrobs, wet palms, weak knees and piercing squeals at the Capital Centre Tuesday night. The object of this mania is Shaun Cassidy. His adorers are not so much the teens (ages 15-19) as the teeny-boppers (12-15) and the bubble-gummers (6-12).

In the wildly appreciative audience was Amy Carter, the president's 10-year-old daughter, who seemed as thrilled by the young man in white as everyone else.

Like his half-brother David Cassidy almost 10 years before him, Shaun Cassidy has captured the fantasies of young girls who dream of being sung to and/or rescued from a dangerous intrigue by him. In a informal pre-concert audience poll, the question, "Why do you like Shaun Cassidy?" was most often answered by, "He's cute" or, "He's brave" (Cassidy has garnered his following by being one of the Hardy Boys on prime-time TV) which is, perhaps, indicative of the musical sophistication with which his audience comes equipped.

Yet it is not indicative of Cassidy's talent which seems refreshingly uncomplicated and honest. He sings simple rock 'n' roll but is by no means simplistic.

That Cassidy has grown up in a family of entertainers is evident by his ease before an audience and the naturalness and grace with which he moves. He has apparently learned his lessons well, and those moves are just suggestive enough to mildly titillate the innocents.