BUTCH JENKINS was that freckle-faced moppet tagging after Liz Taylor in "National Velvet," after Margaret O'Brien in "Our Vines Have Tender Grapes," and possibly most memorably, after Mickey Rooney in the movie version of William Saroyan's touching "The Human Comedy."

His eyes were big and his nose was pug and critics said of his performance in the Oscar-winning Saroyan film that had Mickey Ronney not given his own finest dramatic performance, Jenkins would have stolen the show.

As it was, Jackie "Butch" Jenkins retired from the show biz at age 10. He'd apparently developed a stutter.

Jenkins is 40 years old now and a 6-foot-3-inch businessman-outdoorsman who is building a house on the side of a steep mountain in the North Carolina hills where he will live with his third wife, Goldie.

During his five-year career (1943-'48) Jenkins had roles in "Boy's Ranch" ('46), "Little Mr. Jim" ('46), "My Brother Talks to Horses" ('46), "Bit City" ('48), "The Bride Goes Wild" ('48) and "Summer Holiday" ('48).

He attended private schools in Rolling Hills, Calif., and later a private high school in Dallas.

He had three daughters during a marriage that ended in divorce and still maintains an apartment in Dallas so he can see the girls, now nearly grown.

He used to own water systems on [WORD ILLEGIBLE] lakes, a pig farm and three self-service car washes.

He visits Hollywood occasionally but says he has no plans to return to the movie business.