Paul Chandler Hume, music editor of The Washington Post since 1946, has been awarded one of the 27 annual Peabody Awards given for excellence in television and radio broadcasting, it was announced this weekend at the University of Georgia.

Hume, 62, has been broadcasting classical music in Washington for 31 years, and received the award for "A Variable Feast," a Tuesday night program on WGMS that focuses on electic aspects of musical history. This week's program will feature the symphonies of the American composer Walter Piston.Hume also hosts a weekend opera program on the station.

In addition to his work at The Post and WGMS, Hume is visiting professor of music at Yale University. He previously taught for 27 years at Georgetown University, and was head of that institution's Glee Club for a quarter century.

A 1937 graduate of the University of Chicago in his native town, Hume first went to work as an underwriter for the Allstate Insurance Company. He was hired here by WINX, then a classical station, in 1946, and came to work at The Post the same year.He has written four books, including a just-published biography of opera composer Giuseppe Verdi. Two of the books were written with his wife, the former Ruth Fox. The couple has four children.