For decades, this column has followed several firm rules: No get-well messages to people in hospitals, no class reunion reminders, no lost-and-found items, no wedding anniversaries. There are too many in each category to cover in a page of print each day, let alone in one column. (Example: If there are a million married couples in this area, there must be an average of 2,740 wedding anniversaries every day of the week. If 10,000 people are sick on an average day, 9,999 of them would probably appreciate receiving get-well cards.)

Today, however, I'm going to break one of my own rules, and I hope you'll agree with me that there is good reason to do so. A suitcase turned over to a porter at Union Station a few days ago was not returned to the proper passenger. Among the items in the suitcase were one orthopedic shoe and a wooden last for making an orthopedic shoe. Obviously these items have no value to anybody except the owner, who has great need for them.

If the person who ended up with the wrong suitcase will get in touch with me by phone or mail, I will act as intermediary and ask no questions. Thank you