More magazine, the journalism review based in New York, is once again up for sale, according to its current owner, Jim Adler.

Adler, a Bethesda businessman who also owns the Congressional Information Service and the Greenwood Press, said yesterday that he was selling the magazine becasue of health reasons.

"I decided," said Adler, "that my health was more important than the health of the magazine. In trying to run More and my other businesses I found I was overextending myself. And I also found, however, it was impossible to try and run a New York magazine out of Washington."

Adler took the magazine over from its last owner, Michael Kramer, last August, having paid a reported $100,000 for it. Although Adler refused to say how much he is now asking, he did say there already had been offers, but declined to give names. "I want the magazine to be sold to somebody who has a special interest in journalism," he said.

For More, started in 1971 by The Rosebud Corporation, consisting of William Woodward, J. Anthony Lukas and Dick Pollack, this will be the fourth change of hands. At a circulation of 20,000 - mostly subscription - the magazine has consistently operated at a loss possibly because, according to Adler, "the magazine has never gotten proper business management, and I have to admit that in the last few months we haven't really provided that either."