Reprinted from yesterday's late editions.

Veterans of Former Demonstrations:

Some of you were sorely missed on the Mall Wednesday for what many thought would be a rousing return to the good old days when we managed to have our cake and eat it too.

We're speaking here of Sun Day, a class reunion for those who gave some of the best days of their lives sitting of the best days of their lives sitting down, listening to free rock 'n' roll and being mellow.

Rainbow - and that is the way he was introducing himself Wednesday - said it felt good to be out there in the sun.

Maybe because he'd been in jail for a couple of years - locked up, as he explained it, for a few loose screws - and hadn't seen many of his friends since Monday, the last major Washington demonstration he'd been at.

The last major demonstration, period. Nothing serious since then, and Sun Day rallied the scattered tribes Wednesday. There was Nancy, arrested at the Watergage TDA (The Day after the Chicago 7 verdict) demonstrations in 1969, who has since blown her trust fund in South America. She couldn't resist the idea of one more fling with the massed counterculture, and drove in from her nearby farm in rural Virginia.

Jerry was also there. Jerry is not his real name, because Jerry (in spite of his ge) is now the guitarist in a rather well known punk-rock band and said he wasn't sure how Sun Day would quite square with his fans.

"They're not really into causes," he said, "except the cause of more downers."

Anyway, Jerry was at Woodstock and was a marshall at Mayday and now he was back in town for Sun Day.

"Politics has nothing to do with this," he said. "The only interesting thing about these demonstrations are the girls that come to them."

There were a lot of girls around - and boys. They looked a lot younger than they looked at Woodstock, "but we were a lot younger then, too," Jerry said.