With an indoor garden you have the best of both worlds - the same look without climate and insect control.

There are many garden looks. Among my favorites was a long, narrow living-dining combination in an apartment, where I separated the seating from the dining area with a "garden wall." I made it out of two-by-fours with a dry-wall sheathe and covered the wall with fake brick veneer. I wanted to use bricks, but the floors couldn't take the weight. The wall itself is low enough to see over, and thick enough to hold 4-inch pots of bright red geraniums.

Another garden room began as a room with no view. I painted all the wall robin's egg blue, then covered them with white trellis from a home center and tiled the floors in a vinyl brick. The table is a white pedestal table with sparkling glass top. The white director's chair have white seats and separate tie-on cushions in blue cotton canvas. I used the trellis framed as hinged shutters to cover the one window that looks out on someone else's house, placing a blue window shade behind it.

In still another little dining room, I used a fabulous natural canvas out-door beach umbrella as a focal point, setting it into a kind of outdoor table you might see in a French park: white metal frame and table top and wood slat seat and back for the chairs.

The floor is covered in a dark-gray slate vinyl, and the walls are painted white. White shutters cover the windows and the one unbroken wall has a track-light above it to show off the owners' collection of black and white drawings and sketches. Palms in wicker basketscomplete this outdoor garden.