Jack Phalen of Manassas has sent me a copy of a "help wanted" ad that appeared recently in his home town newspaper, The Journal Messenger.

The ad began with the statement, "C. Rinker Paving needs some good men, asphalt estimator, asphalt foreman, full and part-time workers." Then it set forth the qualities the company is looking for in applicants:

"1. Must be able to tell time.

"2. Must have hair short enough to see and hear.

"3. Must know address, or make and model of car you are living in.

"4. Must have shoes and trousers.

"5. All nose and earrings should be light enough not to interfere with your work.

"6. Must be able to go eight hours without drugs or alcohol.

"7. Must know left from right, right from wrong, and able to use a phone.

"8. Must be able to check the gas and oil in a vehicle.

"9. Must be able to drive from Manassas to Centreville nonstop.

"10. Must be able to gulp down a sandwich in 30 minutes, and be able to work at least 30 minutes without going to the restroom or drinking something.

"If you need employment and can quality," the ad says, "call between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m." But even though millions of people are unemployed, Rinker Paving may not be swamped with applicants. The company may haveset its standards too high.