Q - What vegetables might grow best in pots on the patio?

A - With sunlight at least five hours a day, tomatoes, radishes, peppers, chives, lettuce and most other leafy greens can be grown. Use a pot at least six inches in diameter, with a soil depth of eight inches. Very large containers - half-barrels, wooden tubs or large pressed-paper drums - are required for regular-size tomatoes, squash, pole beans, cucumbers and corn. Adequate drainage is a must.

Q - We dug up the bare spots in our lawn and seeded them with bluegrass. Now we have a lot of tiny weeds. Where did they all come from, weed seeds in with the grass seeds?

A - In many, perhaps most, soils, there are thousands of weed seeds a few inches down, waiting for someone to bring them to the surface where they can get enough light to germinate. Your digging probably did just that. The seeds come in by air, water, animals and man's devices, accumulating and staying alive for years. Sterilizing the soil to a depth of several inches could destroy a lot of them, but it would be difficult. Weed-killing chemicals, such as 2,4-D, will kill most broadleaf weeds without harming grass.