Many of the high-volumed, high-powered, high-moneyed rock groups that play the Capitol Centre were once lowly bar bands - struggling in the trenches, trying to make their own sound and their own name. The million-dollar stages and the laser shows are added only after years of grueling club work and "breaks" that never seem to materialize.

For Nantucket, a group from North Carolina, the "break" and "Real Romance" rocked with an enthusiasm that has not been sapped by three months of heavy touring. Eddie Blair's sax and Kenny Soule's drums were particularly impressive, and the group as a unit was well-rehearsed and played with an honesty that has yet to be spoiled by success.

The group, however, has yet to create a sound and an image of its own: Leader singer Larry Uzzell at times resemble other singers such as Roger Daltrey or Mick Jagger, and the group sounds like many well-known heavy rock groups. There is still much work to be done in making Nantucket different from many of its southern counterparts.

Whether the rock market can stand another heavy rock group is difficult to say. The energy and dedication displayed by Nantucker indicates that they aer going to cry.