Reprinted from yesterday's late editions

"She brought my son back from the dead," said Sunny Adler matter-of-factly, introducing guests to Daphne Greene, who specializes in persuading people to leave the Unification Church of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Mrs. Adler joined her 24-year-old son David, publisher of The Washington Dossier, and her husband Warren Tuesday night in giving a cocktail reception for Mrs. Greene, who talked David away from the "Moonies" earlier this year.

The guests at the buffet in the Sheraton Carlton included Sen. Robert Dole (R-Kans.), a couple of ambassadors, and four members of the House subcommittees that is currently investigating the activities of the Unification Church but not the guest Mrs. Adler had most wanted to see.

"I hoped FBI Director William H. Webster would be here tonight," she confided. "Of all the people I wanted to introduce to Daphne Greene, he tops the list. I asked him to dance with me at a party a few months ago, just so I could talk to him about the Moonies, and he kept edging further and further away as he learned what I wanted to talk about.

"He listened to me as long as I held him in my arms, but since then I haven't been able to get through to him. His secretary tells me that the FBI has problems of its own and the Moonies aren't in their jurisdiction . . ."

Greene, a San Francisco housewife who is also a national parks commissioner, say that she sometimes thinks she is spending 24 hours per day on her volunteer work as a deprogrammer of Moonies. "When it get to be too much for me, I do some work on the parks - worry about Alcatraz and easy things like that."

Greene has two children who have joined the Moonies, a son who came out again and a daughter who is still in. "When I started campaigning against them publicly," she said, "they called me up and told me I'd never see my children again. I faced a tough decision, but I told them 'My love is not for sale' and I went ahead."

Her technique for deprogramming, she said, is "just to sit and talk to them; I put my guts out on the table, my religious life and all my hopes and problems. You have to do all the talking at first, and you have to hit them in the heart. They are the victims of a very sophisticated form of behavior control - it's very smooth and, in its way, very beautiful."

David Adler, recalling the experience, said, "I was brainwashed to the point where I trusted those people completely, and they took advantage of me. They exploit your best motivations. The kids in there are the best kids in the world, but they're under mind-control."

Greene, told that she would not meet the FBI director at the party, said that the FBI doesn't know what to do about the Moonies. "If you call the FBI in San Francisco and tell them your child is in the Moonies, they tell you to talk to Daphne Greene."