Big news. Our old friend, The Pan-handler, has finally worked out a new story! Perhaps he hired a new writer.

J.B.B. writes: "Your con man is alive and well, and is working the area around the State Department on Virginia Avenue."

Three years ago. J.B.N. gave him $2 for bus fare when he told he had left home without his wallet. He carefully took down her name and address so that he could "repay" her.

When time passed and no $2 appeared, it dawned on her that this was the man I had been writing about for so long. Now here he was telling J.B.B.'s husband, "You wouldn't believe what happened to me, sir. Some teen-agers broke the lock on the door of my car and I can't get into it to drive it home." And would you believe that he forgot his wallet at home again?

J.B.B.'s husband was reaching for his own wallet when she grabbed his arm and said, "No, no, don't give him anything. That's the guy Bill Gold writes about all the time."

The Panhandler turned and walked away without another word. Maybe he had just remembered that cars are no one-dimensional. They have two sides and at least two doors. When one door or lock becomes inoperable, a driver who is resourceful and has high IQ tries the other side.