Be able to drive a car or know someone who's agreeable to driving you

Know exactly where the theater is, if you don't, get specific instructions of how to get there from where you're going.

Reserve in advance.

Depending on whether you're part of a group or fending for yourself, the cost will be from $10.50 to $14 for dinner and the show. Drinks will be extra. Prepare to tip, since usually your waiter or waitress will be a performer.

When parking, be sure to turn off your lights. Often they'll page the owner of car whatever-the-number, but don't leave it up to someone else.

On entering, you'll be asked for your reservations, at which point someone will show you to your table.

Sit down. Relax. Have a drink, alcoholic or non-A.

A voice will come over the loud speaker, inviting certain numbers to the buffet tables. It's not vital that you go then, you may be drinking. But usually the buffet closes around 8. An advantage of going to the tables early is that you always can go back for seconds. Deserts are sometime at the buffet, sometimes served at the table.

Around show time, usually about 8:30, another voice will advice you that the performance is about to start and that if you have any errands, to do them now. A few will saunter off to the rest rooms.

If you've still got food, coffee or a drink when the show starts, enjoy them, but don't expect to smoke. There's no smoking while the performance is on.

Usually there is one, not two, intermissions, a half-time stretch. Drinks and beverages are served then, which you may or may not have ordered before.

Take your time. No one really hurries to the parking lot. Key to the evening: Relax, don't rush, enjoy. That's why you're there.