THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY: Academy, Allen, Avalon 2, Hampton Mal, Marlow, Penn, Roth's Parkway 1 and 2, Roth's Tysons Corner and the Springfield Cinema 2.

The prayers offered in "Thank God It's Friday" are such that God should be thankful when it's Monday.

There is a spinster who prays that the beligerent garbage truck driver with whom the computer dating service paired her will stop insulting her and "relate." There is a pair of under-age girls who want to sneak in to a disco and win a dance contest so they can pay back the money they stole from a brother: There is a woman married to an accountant who wants them both to "loosen up." There is a playboy disco owner who wants to seduce an accountant's wife for a change. And so on.

As these people are not marked by distinctive looks or personalities, and as they are all part of a huge crowd under strobe lights in a high-noise density disco for almost the entire film, you may not be moved to light a candle for any of them.

However, God does in fact answer each of their prayers. And He also maketh all things pass.