Body side molding is more than ornamental. It serves as protection when a thoughtless person opens the door of a car parked next to you and bangs his door into it.

Most side molding is attached at the factory with adhesive. But it sometimes comes loose. here are tips for putting it back right.

Clean the back of the molding; you'll be putting some adhesive on there shortly. Also clean the area on the side of the car where the molding will be attached to. Use soap and water. After cleaning, wipe both the back of the molding and car metal dry with a dry clean cloth.

If the molding is completely off, you'll want it to be in a straight line on the car after you've glued it on. The trick is to take a strip of masking tap and stretch it across the sheet metal in a straight line as a guide. Masking tape will not harm the paint on your car,

The best adhesive is 3M's Super Weatherstrip, remembering that it gets tacky very quickly and once it dries, it's hard to remove.

Apply a thin strip of adhesive from the tube along the back of the molding. Also apply a thin strip of adhesive to the car metal, where the molding will be attached. Using the masking tape as a guide, firmly press the molding into place.

After the adhesive has set, remove the masking tape, let the car set overnight.

Some adhesive will seep out around the edges. After the adhesive has dried to the point that you can let go, gently rub your finger along the molding's edges, pressing firmly against the car body. The tacky adhesive will roll up into little balls.

Any adhesive that this method fails to remove, you can remove with rubbing compound (available in auto parts stores) and a clean rag. Or with a razor blade if you take extreme care not to scratch the paint on the car.