What does a model wear to work? Anything she pleases.

Designers may have it all their way on the runway, but out on Seventh Avenue the models dress for themselves. The results are electric, meant to fit individual moods and pocket-books.

Model Sunny Redmond Jacobs says she dresses in black when she's working for "the chic designers." On a recent day she added an embroidered satin Chinese ceremonial robe just to be "in the spirit of Mary McFadden" whose collection she had just shown. She wore Fiorucci jeans and a black knit cap fo finish off the outfit.

"I wear funny clothes when I'm sad and funny cothes when I'm happy," says Mary Falchi, who assists her husband Carlos in his design business. Her France Andrevie linen jacket works on both occasions, she says, and the red tulip, too.

Jerri Hall, model and current paramour of Mick Jagger, says, "I always end up in colorful clothes, including some by Stephen Burrows for whom she models. "But it is always a mix of things." This time it was a pale blue angora sweater, pink heavy, knit sweater and flat shoes ("I find them more comfortable.")

Model Alva Chin is pregnant and, with Iman (also a model and also pregnant worked in last month's Oscar de la Renta show. Chin has yet to buy many maternity clothes. "I love wearing my man's jacket, my man's shirt, his gilet [vest] his socks, all with a skirt with an elastic waistline," says. "Everything of his is bigger and feels right." She's also been wearing far less makeup, she says, "because I think I look great."

Cindy Horn has the military look without the help (or price tags) of any of the Italian or French designers. She's wearing a Danish army fatigue coat dyed pink, and old tie and glitter socks, mostly from a Greenwich Village shop called Reminiscence. "Everything is easy to put on and take off," says model Horn. "They are efficient clothes. And I never mind if they end up on floor."