With the sucess of Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel, rock and roll acts from the New York City/New Jersey/Long Island area are being seen more and more.

Long Island's latest entry is Carillo, whose four-piece band appeared Tuesday night (actually, it was Wednesday morning) at Louis's Rock City, the spacious rock club at Bailey's Cross-roads.

The group put on a strong, if derivative, show. Singer and guitarist Frank Carillo has the same energy and gritty rock personal as fellow New Yorker Eddie Money, and there were hints of Springsteen in his stage manner. Carillo played on the "Frampton's Camel" album and, though his style is clearly harder, there's a catchy feel to his guitar playing that is vaguely of Peter Frampton.

The band was better on original from its just-released debut album ("Carillo" on Atlantic) than on covers such as the classic blues "Further on Up the Road" and Sam Cooke's "Shake." It was also better at its own power chords than on stolen licks from bands like Grand Funk Railroad and Cream.

Then again, group that could start a show after midnight on a Tuesday and still cause some excitement have something.