Guess who's going to the dirty movies - the ones that have such trouble with "community standards"?

The community. Those nice people with the big houses, the big cars and the big salaries who are the pillars of the community.

Pornographic movies for middle-class suburban couples have become a thriving business. "Misty Beethoven," which has been playing to such audience for 85 weeks, may soon break the Washington record for a first run - now held by "The Sound of Music." A new one, "Sex World," is aimed just this group.

This is a market that's missed both by the "grind" or "blue" films and by the explicit films that are considered "art." It may be that the first are too cheaply made and the second too pretentiously, or that the story-to-sex ratio is wrong in each for opposite reasons. Or it may be the fact that after a few wild, free years of more or less portraying normal sex acts, the regular feature films turned to psychotic violence instead.

The new pornography consists of technically well-made films, with attractively groomed people with modest competence in acting and a story line with some concessions made to character - just enough so that the genitals seem to have bodies attached to them. People do not need to sneak into the theatres, but arrive with their spouses and produce conversation afterward that assosciates the films with honesty or self-improvement.

It's hilarious to see just how much "Sex World" is oriented to this type of audience. (Note: This is not the same thing as saying that "Sex World" is a hilarious movie. It calls itself a parody of "Westworld" and "Future World," and there are references to other pornographic films, but all that means is that a second-hand premise is used. Satire generally means something more.)

"Sex world" is about a resort where one can order the sexual partner of one's fantasy sent to one's room. Considering the difficulties of having Room Service in even the most expensive hotels send you your breakfast eggs the way you ordered them, this seems a risky business, but "Sex World" presumably delivers the correct order every time.

What's funny is not that this is a world of sex, but that it's a world of credit cards, psychologically oriented questionaires, computers, orientation lectures and therapist-like personnel with white coats and impersonal manners. It's world where all,even the most lonely and unfulfilled, have identically thin young bodies and wear gold neck chains and gold wedding bands, and would wear plastic nametags (HELLO - My name is What's yours?) if they had something to pin them on. It's generally a world of conventional sex, with no male homosexuality (lesbian sex is used as a stimulant for men), sadism or strange devices.

It's a world in which a conventional audience can feel comfortable. And incidentally watch dirty pictures.