One of the problems in making "Jaws 2," according to a promotional statement by its director, Jeannot Szwarc, was that "the frist firm had been so successful that virtually everyone has either seen it or has heard so much about it that they could almost believe they had seen it." Naturally, this was also the only reason for making "Jaws 2."

But there is a curious exception to this claim of universality. The people of Amity, the fictional resort town on Long Island visited by both Jawses, are apparently the only people left on earth who aren't afraid of sharks.

"Jaws 2" is supposed to take place four years after "Jaws," and many of the same characters - Roy Scheider, Lorraine Gary and Jeffrey Kramer as the police chief, his wife and his deputy, and Murray Hamilton as the mayor - appear. Once again, a big-mouthed shark starts gobbling up all the water sports.

And you know what? The biggest problem in town in not the shark porblem, but the police chief's difficulty in persuading anybody in town that there is a shark problem. Can you believe it? Everybody who wasn't eaten up a few seasons back has forgotten all about that and now pooh-poohs the idea of danger, even after several of their number have passed through the jaws never to be seen again (or, in one grisly case, to be seen again). Only when the shark eats an entire helicopter do they begin to get the idea that it is serious.

One wonders if such people are worth saving. One wonders if such a story is worth recycling.

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