You ask what's ahead for television in the '80s.

In my experience, very few "what's ahead" predictions stand up to the test of time. I find it more productive to use 20-20 hindsight and examine what we are not doing today that is now possible. On my list are the following:

The development of the television sound component to a quality and size equal to home FM radio equipment.

A reevaluation of the visual element in television to properly relate to the increased use of large screens today.

Exploration of the possibilities of "narrowcasting," or television communication directed at various special interest groups such as doctors, police, the elderly, youth, mountain climbers - any cohesive group. Cable is creating many new channels that make possible this concept of "narrowcasting."

The use of Polaroid stills and audio tape recorders in news and special feature programs to enable an individual reporter to dig deeper into his story without the bother of a "corporate" crew.

The greater use of replay at various speeds covering longer periods of time in programs other than sports, such as news and documentaries.

The use of television in combination with radio and the telephone in education, research, advertising, politics, and so on.

Perhaps in the 1980s we will do some of the things we can do today.