A recent item here quoted a man as saying, "My wife is the kind of person who takes nothing for granted. The other night she called out neighborhood 7-Eleven store to ask how late it stayed open."

I used the item because I thought, as that husband did, that the hours at 7-Eleven stores are still as they were when the chain was a lot younger - from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m.

The husband was wrong. I was wrong. Live and learn.

Pat Kabrich write, "There are at least three 7-Eleven stores in our area that stay open all night." Al Spada of Falls Church said a 7-Eleven in Falls Church and another in Annandale are open 24 hours a day, "and I'm sure there are others." Dale Miller added, "Our neighborhood 7-Eleven is open 24-hours a day and has been for years. I know others that observe irregular hours. I think my wife would be well advised to make such an inquiry in her own neighborhood."

I'm sorry that two stupid husbands didn't know about modern store hours at 7-Elevens. Only one female shared our ignorance to some extent. She indicated that until she read the item, it had not occurred to her that 7-Elevens are so named because they stay (or at one time stayed) open from 7 to 11. She thought the name was "some kind of gambling reference."