Three new roses have received 1979 All-America awards: Friendship, a sweetly fragrant pink hybrid tea; Paradise, a lavender and pink hybrid tea, said to be one of the most distinctive and beautiful roses ever produced; and, Sundowner, a very fragrant, large-flowered gleaming orange grandiflora.

Plants will be available for purchase this fall at some nurseries and garden centers, and practically everywhere next spring. Fall planting is a good idea in the Washington area.

For those who would like to see the new roses in actual bloom before they buy, these three award winners will be growing and blooming this summer at Star Roses, West Grove, Pa., and at Hershey rose gardens, Hershey, Pa.

Friendship makes a tall bush, producing a great profusion of very large blooms throughout the season. This is somewhat unusual because rose varieties bearing such large flowers usually bloom sparingly. The blossoms are held on long, tall stems, most suitable for cutting.

Friendship seems to stand the heat well and does not noticeably discolor even on the hottest summer days. Several of the judges reported this rose also appears to have good disease resistance.

The plant often grows six feet tall and is well covered with heavy, glossy foliage.

The flowers of Paradise are truly classically tea-rose shaped, distinctly fragrant and are produced on fairly long, strong canes.

This rose attracted the judges' attention as it came into bloom in the test gardens and for the first time in the 38-year history of AARS awards, the entire rose jury elected it as an award winner.

The plant is vigorous and busy, well covered with large, glossy green foliage.

Sundowner is a very tall growing rose. To keep it at a lower height, cut the flowers frequently with long stems. There will soon to be more blooms to replace those that are taken.

The beautiful blooms lend themselves to outstanding arrangements. The foliage is large, lustrous, moss green, with interesting coppery tints, and heavily covers the plant. The plant has shown considerable disease resistance.