Reprinted from yesterday's late edition

"Try To Remember" - as one of the songs tells us - when you were young and innocent at heart and then go to see "The Fantasticks" at Trapier Theater at Mount St. Alban on the grounds of the Washington Cathedral.

Many of us must long to remember, for here is "The Fantasticks," a fairy tale with old-fashioned sentiment set to music, in its 18th year and the longest-running musical in the American theater.

The Trapier Theater production, which opened Wednesday night at a benefit performance and will run thru July 15, catches the note of innocent delight in telling the old story of the romance between a boy and the girl next door while their fathers try to get them together under the guise of keeping them apart.

Under the direction of Ted Walch, the imaginative and innovative founder of Shakespeare & Co., the cast obviously is having fun in their roles.

As the fathers, Jim Tibbetts and Thomas C. Hudnut do a fine song-and-dance routine. Also adding to the delight are Frank Muller as the narrator-El Gallo, Jenny Scott as the winsome young girl, Thomas Goodrich as her young lover and Gerry Paone and Richard L. Malone.