CAT AND MOUSE - Fine Arts.

For the "Cat and Mouse" - it is a French cinema - we will need the vocabulary.

The cat, he is not really a cat. He is the police inspector. But he is not only the police inspector. His name is M. Lechat. "Le Chat," it means "The Cat."

Inspector the Cat, he has assistant. You think it is M. le Mouse, no? No. The assistant, he is named M. Chemin. "Chemin," it means "The Path." He marry with The Cat's daughter. This make her Mme, the Cat Walk. This is very interesting, but it have nothing to do with the story.

Very important to the story is the chien. "Chien," it means dog. This is a real dog. It is not a person who is named Chien. It is a Chien; he is named Sam. It is very chic in Paris, you call your chien Sam.

Also, there is very chic lady, Michele Morgan. She shop Chez Dior. But after Chez Dior, she ask her chauffeur to drop her please at Galeries Lafayette. Why would chic lady who is dressed by Dior shop at Galaries Lafayette? Ah. This is a mystery.

This lady also spend the afternoon at the cinema, where she see a film about a chic lady with a chien who shops at Cartier. Yes? But at that very moment, the husband of the lady - of the lady who is at the cinema - he is with another lady, and he also have package from Cartier. In fact, he have two package from Cartier, very nicely wrapped, and he give them to this lady, who is very unwrapped, but she have another friend.

The next thing you know, the husband, he is dead, and the paintings from the house, they are all gone. So, M. Lechat, and M. Chemin, and also M. Sam - you remember he is the chien - they get busy to solve the mystery.

It is a very confusing mystery. It is also sometimes, a pretty film, but the Dior collection this year is not as good as what they show for next year.

Now you ask: Who is the mouse? It is the question: Who is the mouse? I do not know. I only take three years of the French. - J.M.